Holly Madison and hubby Pasquale Rotella are so happy with ten-month-old daughter Rainbow, they want more.

The family recently headed to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where they hit the TR Suites Lounge at the Blue Iguana restaurant to pick up a Sean John winter jacket for Pasquale, whom Holly married in September.

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“I would love to have more kids,” the eDiets spokesperson, whose Holly Madison Diet is fit for new moms, tells me. “I definitely want Rainbow to have siblings, so hopefully maybe this year I’ll get pregnant again.”

Having a big family is what they envision.

“I think it’s fun to have somebody to grow up with, so I’d definitely like her to have siblings,” says the former Playmate, 35. “Rainbow has been such a blessing that we’re already excited to have more. We’re already so curious to see how they’re going to turn out because she turned out so great—in our opinion, anyway. [laughs]”

They can’t get enough Rainbow time, and Holly’s favorite thing to do with her is take her to Disneyland.

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“She’s been there many, many times,” Holly says. “We got married there, so we stayed a couple days there. She was up in the suite inside Disneyland getting ready with us. She was the mini-bridesmaid at the wedding.”

And like with most new parents, it’s the little things that make it worthwhile .

“We love her laugh—I think that’s our favorite thing,” she says. “She has a crazy, joyous laugh, so anything we can do to make her laugh, we love.”

How does Rainbow take after her parents?

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“I think she takes after her dad more. She does take after both of us in that she’s very mellow. She’s very calm and mellow and likes to observe things. That’s how I am, and how her dad feels. She got that from both of us. Like her dad, she’s very thoughtful. You can tell she’s creative and calm, and she looks like him. [laughs]”

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