Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have parted ways after ringing in the new year with a series of spats and public feuds.

According to Access Hollywood, a source close to Lindsay confirms that the couple have broken up and Lindz has moved out of the West Hollywood house she shared with Ronson.

Trouble started brewing in the couple’s recently rocky relationship last Tuesday at club Set in Miami, where despite the presence of their loved ones, the two engaged in a verbal argument.


"Both their families were there, and Lindsay and Samantha just started going at it,” a source told the New York Post, which first reported the story of their fighting.


And on New Year’s Eve, things went from bad to worse as Lindsay and Samantha hosted a bash together at club Mansion, where the two reportedly began another fight in public, before taking their shouting match outside.


According to the Post, Lindsay screamed, "When I storm off, you are supposed to follow me!"

The outside fracas caught extra attention as a bystander claimed it occurred in front of a vagrant.

"It was a really gross alley. There was a bum eating a sandwich and watching the whole thing," a source told the paper. "Lindsay was really unstable and flipping out."
The paper claims the war of words later turned to a physical altercation back at the hotel the two women were staying at.

"They were punching each other – it was bad," another source told the paper. "And they were doing this in front of all of us. It was scary."

The Post reported that the fight caught the attention of the hotel’s security who were dispersed to take photos of the room the girls reportedly trashed.

"Mirrors were broken and it was a complete mess,” a source said.

Things reportedly continued at the airport as the women boarded a flight home.

A rep for Lindsay reportedly confirmed the girls engaged in a verbal fracas.

"There was an argument – I don’t know the details – but they left for LA together and it’s fine," the rep told the Post.

After months of speculation, Lindsay only confirmed she was dating Samantha, last fall.

According to the source close to Lindsay, the actress will soon be joined in Los Angeles by her little sister Ali, as she starts her life without Samantha.

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