According to an item in today’s New York Post, there’s a bit of tension between Mario Lopez and one of his co-stars in the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line — and it all appears to revolve around skimpy men’s clothes.

First, the article claims that the Dancing With the Stars runner-up requested a costume change for muscular co-star Nick Adams so as to not have his own bulging biceps be upstaged.

And now comes a report that men’s underwear company 2(x)ist, which had been about to sign Mario for a new ad, has kicked the Saved By the Bell star to the curb and selected — you guessed it — archrival Nick as the fella to go shirtless in their skivvies.

"Mario was originally No. 1 on our radar as we planned the campaign," the article quotes an insider as saying. "We were ready to call him with an offer, but then we saw Nick. He’s younger, sexy, more interesting. On top of that, his body was crazy. We set up a meeting, and when he walked in, that was it. We never even looked at anyone else after that."

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