As officials look into the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson‘s death, as well as the various doctors prescribing him painkillers, TMZ reports that two of those docs aren’t giving up information so easily.

Reportedly, Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael’s dermatologist, and Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who administered CPR before MJ died, haven’t been forthcoming with their medical records. The L.A. County Coroner’s office requested the documents, but they have only turned over some of them, not the complete files.

TMZ also reports that a driver for MJ told the coroner’s office that the King of Pop would visit Dr. Klein multiple times in a week, and sometimes spend three to four hours there. When he left, he allegedly often appeared “disoriented.” Dr. Klein said earlier this week that he was not one of the doctors giving Michael bad drugs.

“I always was concerned about him, I was always worried about other doctors,” he told Good Morning America , adding that MJ got what he wanted. “Here’s the problem with Michael, no matter what he wanted, someone would give it to him.”

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