Not every kid can say his dad’s a superhero—but Robert Downy Jr.’s son can. Downey, who takes on the title role in the new Marvel Comics superhero film Iron Man said that his son Indio is surprisingly unaffected by his dad’s star power.

"That’s the funny thing. People say, ‘How is your son affected by your big self important narcissism?’ and I go, ‘He’s not thinking about me!’” Downey told Extra.

His son did notice his dad’s increasing size. Downey had to bulk up for the Iron Man part and used a combination of exercise and creatine. “I’m a big martial arts guy. but as far as looking good on screen. I started taking this creatine from Sweden. It’s a legal thing. People say it [creatine] bloats you. So you are putting on size, but you also look like you just ate five strombolis. But this stuff is non-bloating creatine. When I was taking it, I looked really jacked and then four hours after taking it, I looked like a shrunken monkey again. But I also worked my a** off doing it!"

Downey’s next role is sure to garner controversy: He’ll be playing a black man in the Ben Stiller-directed comedy Tropic Thunder. Downey was initially unsure about whether to take the role. “Ben is like, ‘White Chicks.’ I go, ‘I know but is this wrong? Have we come far enough along?’ He’s like, ‘Wayans Brothers, Eddie Murphy.’ I was like, ‘But we can still get it wrong.’He goes, ‘By the way Downey, this is the least offensive script in the movie.’"


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