In new action-packed thriller Eagle Eye, Rosario Dawson sheds her pretty girl image to play a government agent, alongside Shia LaBeouf and Billy Bob Thornton, battling against a mysterious, privacy-stealing female foe.


And when it comes to her own privacy, Rosario tells Parade in a new interview that she’s always been concerned with keeping her private life under wraps.


"It’s freaky, but I was never been able to keep diary as a child because I was always afraid that someone was going to read it. I remember I used to write stuff down that I really thought I should remember," she confesess. "But I would write it in code. And then I’d try to read what I wrote and I couldn’t. I’m going, ‘Oh, this just sucks.’ But I always had this weird feeling that someone could invade my privacy."


With the recent eruption in technology, people have more information at their fingertips than ever before, a fact that Rosario say she’s not too comfortable with.


"It seems like everything from your e-mails to cell phone calls get recorded and there are video cameras everywhere, she says. "You go online to shop and a web site tells you, ‘This is what you bought last week so this is what you would like this week.’ It’s scary where we’re going." 


As for her decision to portray violence onscree in Eagle Eye, the stunning starlet says she’s tired of the helpless roles women often play in movies.


"I’m just tired of all the movies like Saw where women are the objects of brutality. We’re at war right now. And it’s really interesting that it seems like such a male-dominant thing," she tells Parade. "But there are a lot of women who are a part of the fight in Iraq, and people don’t ever really think about that."

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