Wth her nuptials to Eric Winter fast approaching on Nov. 29 in Puerto Rico, Roselyn Sanchez had her bridal shower thrown by Without a Trace co-star Poppy
at her home in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

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The bridal shower, sponsored by Orville Redenbacher Natural Lime & Salt popcorn and organized by party planner Jo Gartin (who planned Kate Walsh’s wedding), had  a “Day at the Spa” theme. OK! joined Roselyn and pals, including Eva Longoria Parker, for the girly festivities.

"My  family is in Puerto Rico,” explained Roselyn. “Eric’s mom and sister are here. They are already like family.”

So how did Poppy get involved in planning the shower?


"I called Roselyn and said, ‘Can I show you a bridal shower?’ " said Poppy. "She was like, ‘Yay!’ I’m happy that we are doing this together.

CLICK HERE for OK!’s exclusive photos of the party!

"Besides being on the great show Without a Trace, one of the best things was being able to have an amazing friend immediately," Roselyn told OK! of her friendship with Poppy.

Roselyn says she was happy just to be able to spend time with her friends and family at the elegant party.


"It’s just exquisite, classy and beautiful. I was telling [Poppy] that where I come from in Puerto Rico, I have never been to a shower like this ever," Roselyn gushed to OK!.


"Just the whole set up of everything, and the spa. It’s just amazing! It’s like a dream," she ays. "It is an amazing way to start my new journey once I get married."

By Patricia Ramos

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