Bizarre BFF alert!

Somehow its a hard scene to picture, but Rosie O’Donnell says she’d love to sit down for a beer with Sarah Palin!

The brash star told Extra that she’s glad the Republicans got beaten at the election, but that she still admires their Vice-Presidential candidate from Alaska.

At last night’s Broadway opening of Billy Elliot, Rosie said: "I’d like to have a beer with her. I’d like to meet her kids.

"She seems like a pretty nice woman. Although I have to say, I am thrilled her party did not win. [But] you got to give it to her for spunk."

So it seems that the star of Rosie Live, who married her girlfriend in 2004, would be willing to overlook Sarah’s opposition to same-sex marriages so they could be buddies.

"I think I probably would like her [Palin] if I met her," Rosie went on.


"She had an amazing life for herself and her family in Alaska. Very successful. Before you knew it, she was the most famous person in the country."

But as nice as Palin might seem, O’Donnell say, "If [John] McCain won.I would be in the depression unit of the ICU."

Extra’s interview with Rosie O’Donnell airs tonight and for more on this story, click on here.

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