Forget the image of an angry, hot-tempered man ready to fight anyone, Russell Crowe says he’s changed, and his children are partly responsible for taming his wild ways.


"The drinking thing has sort of taken a different place in my life since I had kids," he tells Extra of his two boys with wife Danielle, Charles and Tennyson.


"There’s a whole lot of things I don’t do anymore because it affects my level of patience," he adds. "I don’t want to be in that place where I’m exasperated with these beautiful children."


And although he’s been the brunt of a few fat jokes lately as his former Gladiator body appeared to have been expanding, Russell reveals that the extra poundage was all for a role in his upcoming film Body of Lies, in theaters Oct. 10.


"It’s a substantial amount!" he says of the 63 pounds he packed on by eating cupcakes and other fatty foods. He adds that a typical day for him could start with "I’ll have the cheeseburger for breakfast, thank you."


Other rumors surrounding the actor have him working with Guy Ritchie for his upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick; however Russell says the hype isn’t true… for now.


"I’m really interested in working with Guy Ritchie," he tells Extra." I think he’s a stylish filmmaker."


Check out the rest of the interview airing tonight on Extra.

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