From playing Annie on Broadway to Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw to Gloria Steinem, is there any role Sarah Jessica Parker can't take on throughout her illustrious career? In the upcoming Lovelace movie, SJP will take on the role of the feminist after Demi Moore pulled out days before shooting!

As the folks behind the movie scrambled to find a replacement for Demi, according to USA Today, it sounds like Amanda Seyfried had something to do with casting SJP. Amanda plays Linda in the film and helped producers fill Gloria's role. "I called [Parker's] agent and said, 'I really want her. I know this is all last minute." She added, "I knew she'd be amazing."
After Sarah Jessica accepted, she spoke with the feminist icon herself and indicated Gloria "was very generous." The Sex and the City star pointed out, "I don't know if someone was telling her to be polite. And of course I hadn't done anything at the time, so it was theoretical."
"I have been so scared about this part," confesses the fashionista. Nerves aside, Sarah Jessica wore Gloria's trademark glasses to play the role in the movie portraying Linda as a porn star who morphs into an anti-porn crusader. Despite her decades of experience in the industry, perhaps this was a little daunting as she recalled announcing in the "11th hour of a movie that I'm Gloria Steinem, that was a little intimidating."
The gracious actress pointed out she was just happy she didn't get fired! Really? Although we find that hard to believe, she added, "I am just happy that we are done with that scene and I have not been fired, and they are not scrambling for another actress to fill in. I actually did envision that."

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