It’s a common problem for most parents of young children — letting their social lives wither while they tend to the best interest of their kids. But that’s not something one usually sees in celebrity parents, who always manage to have a cadre of nannies and caretakers at their beckon call for when they hit the town for premieres and gala gatherings.

And yet, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker says this is exactly the situation with hubby Matthew Broderick, whom she tells New York Magazine, "doesn’t have enough friends."

In fact, during the course of the interview, SJP claims that most of Matthew’s friends in the Big Apple are gay, before she attempts to set up a play date between her actor husband and the spouse of the reporter!

"He’s very bright," Sarah says about her husband of almost 11 years (They celebrate their anniversary in two weeks). "He’s very dry, and he’s a contrarian, because he enjoys it."

And potential pals for Matthew should be warned — Fakers need not apply. Sarah says her hubby has a built-in BS detector: "He’s kind of immune to anything that even stank of being treacly or insipid," she explains.

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