Last weekend, Tina Fey made a brief, hilarious return to the Saturday Night Live stage to perform a picture-perfect impersonation of Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a skit that quickly became an internet phenomenon. And surprisingly, in a new interview, the Alaska governor admits to being both flattered and intimidated.

"I watched with the volume all the way down," Palin admits to Fox News Channel‘s Hannity & Colmes in an interview set to air tonight. "I thought it was hilarious.  I thought she was spot-on."

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While she was impressed by Tina’s portrayal of her, the possible VP reveals that it’s no news to her that she bears a striking resemblance to the 30 Rock star. "They’ve been saying that for years up in Alaska," she explains. "In fact, I dressed up as Tina Fey once for Halloween.  So we’ve been doing that before Tina Fey has been doing that!"

And when asked if she thinks if she could someday return the favor for Fey and portray her on film, Palin says resoundingly, "Absolutely!"

For the complete interview with Sarah, check out Hannity & Colmes tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News Channel!

In the meantime, here’s the SNL clip from Saturday’s season premiere:
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