Scarlett Johansson dreams of incorporating her musical and acting talents into one. Broadway or movie musicals is the next career project on her list now. Having already heard her two albums, we don’t doubt that she can do it!

“It’s always been my dream to do a movie musical. I’ve always wanted to sing on camera,” Scarlett told in an interview.

When Scarlett was younger she dreamed of being on Broadway. “I took a lot of vocal lessons and I thought I was going to be Judy Garland or something,” she said.

Her vocal lessons paid off with the two albums she has already made. In her album Anywhere I Lay My Head she covers Tom Waits songs and her new duet album Break Up features Pete Yorn.

Scarlett thinks the natural next step would be fulfilling her dream singing and acting at the same time. “I’m really excited that it’s sort of been revived,” she says. “It’s nice that I maybe have a chance to do it.”

Seeing Scarlett sing rather than just listening to her sounds like a good idea!

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