Don’t start breaking out those baby gifts for newlywed Scarlett Johansson just yet – The Spirit star says she and husband Ryan Reynolds won’t be parents anytime soon.


"I’m 24 years old! I’ve got a lot of time for that," she tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing tonight. I love to work and I’m enjoying myself right now."


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But that doesn’t mean ScarJo will never be ready to be a mother, adding, "Someday in the distant future I’m sure I’ll want to enjoy that part of my life. But I’m not ready for that yet."

As for her current work in thrilling action movie The Spirit, Scarlett is pretty humble when it comes to who would win if she and co-star Eva Mendes were pitted against each other.


"Probably Eva," she admits. "I might slice her with my verbal kung fu though."

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