The series finale of 90210 is tonight! Series finales are always a little sad, but luckily we have an extremely hot fellow, Matt Lanter, to help us feel a little better. He spilled on what we can expect tonight, an alternate ending for the series, and what is coming up next for him (like his wedding!).

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OK!: Last week's episode was kind of depressing! Is the finale going to be sad, too?

Matt Lanter: I guess it depends on your point of view! Some people are inevitably going to be sad because it’s the end for us. When we found out we were canceled, we had a whole different [season finale] planned. We aged our characters five years in the potential sixth season. Liam had just gotten out of jail, and Naomi was on a private jet flying back to pick him up. She got him out of jail and said, “Officer, I’m here to pick up my husband, Liam Court,” and I walked up to her and said something like, “Hello, Mrs. Court” and it actually ended right there.

OK!: What hope can we have for a reunion for Liam and Annie [Shenae Grimes]?

ML: It looks pretty dim right now, but I think we all have to remember that Liam and Annie have had this tension for years now and everybody feels like they belong together. You’ll have to tune into the finale to see how it all happens! Don’t get too upset yet. The future of Liam and Annie is a huge nod to the fans. They can pat themselves on the back because I think the writers listened to them.

OK!: Was Annie the best girlfriend for Liam?

ML: He did have lots of ladies. As a matter of fact, here’s a fun fact. My fiancé and I were sitting back here thinking about all the women that Liam has kissed or made out with, and we stopped at 25. You might consider him a man-whore.

OK!: Were you and your fiancé Angela Stacy together the whole time during the show?

ML: I had been on for a season or two before we were actually dating. She’s a trouper. She knows it’s a part of the job, especially being on a teen drama. There was an episode with two girls at one time. I come home and I’m like, “Hey, how was your day?” and she says, “It was good, how was yours?” We don’t talk about the fact that I made out with two or three girls. All in a day's work!

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OK!: Was Annie your favorite love interest?

ML: I really enjoyed the passion that Liam and Naomi had together. They had a whole lot of sexual chemistry back towards the beginning of the series and that was a lot of fun. I think me and AnnaLynne both really enjoyed the crazy passion that the two characters had. I know all the fans love Liam and Annie together, but it’s crazy because me and Shenae, we don’t feel like we have much chemistry. We feel like we’re brother and sister.

OK!: What’s next for you work-wise?

ML: Well, I just shot a pilot for the CW. It’s called Oxygen right now. The plotline is basically Brown vs. the Board of Education with aliens, and an epic romance. An aliens species has come to Earth and they’re segregated, and our pilot is about a government program to desegregate the two species.

OK!: What can you tell us about your wedding? How involved have you been?

ML: It’s going to be in June, in Los Angeles. I’ve been pretty involved, as much as I can be. Oh my god, I didn’t know how many details there are for a wedding! It’s crazy! Do you want to know what my priority is? I just want to be able to eat dinner. Our event planner was like, “I promise, I’m going to steal you and you’re going to go get a plate of dinner."

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