Just one day after the Pulitzer prize for literature was announced a true masterpiece landed on OKMagazine.com's desk…Nik Richie's memoir.

Richie starts off his tell-all Sex, Lies and The Dirty  in his usual unassuming way, dedicating the masterpiece to himself—of course—with the acknowledgement:

"Myself. Without me, none of this would have been possible."

The ever modest blogger—turned—reality star Nik Richie releases his salacious tell-all about his rise to infamy

And its all downhill from there—but in an unbelievably sleazy, salacious, cant….stop….turning….the…page kinda way.

Ever pondered what Audrina Patridge's private parts are like? Nik'll tell you!

Ever wondered just how much sex and drugs go along with the rock n' roll of publishing a controversial love it or hate it blog? Nik'll fill you in!

Richie met his second wife, Shayne Lamas in 2010—they married a whopping 24 hours later

Ever considered how many nights sleep Richie has lost over messing people's lives up? Pretty much none!

Sex, Lies and the Dirty is an eye opening, jaw dropping, cringe inducing roller coaster of a read—pretty much like Richie's TheDirty.com blog itself — and tells the full story, warts and all, of how Nik dragged himself up to infamy, from being New Jersey back bedroom blogger, Hooman Abedi Karamian to TV personality and Couples Therapy reality star… Nik Richie.

Richie and Lamas have suffered several (public, of course) marital woes during their three years of wedded bliss

Encouraging a drugged up single mother to jump off the sixth floor balcony of the Hard Rock Hotel— what made Richie pledge never to return to Vegas (a vow that lasted a whopping two weeks)— performing a sex act on a messed up groupie that was still illegal in 14 states up until 2003 —losing his anonymity after beating TheSmokingGun.com to the punch and outing himself for a past DUI—pretending he's dating Hilary Duff—hitting on Sam Ronson at a club just to annoy Lindsay Lohan—and his divorce from his FIRST wife… who even knew he was married before? 

It's all there—and then some.

Last year things became so dire the pair took their rocky relationship on the road—checking in for a stint on Couples Therapy

Richie gives the full run down on how he met, wined, dined and wed current wife, Shayne Lamas —all within 24 hours— and how they're still together (for now) three glorious years later.

And, for one minute you get a peek behind the iron curtain of Nik Richie and get a glimpse at the big old softie that also, likely uncomfortably, resides inside the hard-partying douchebag when he dedicates a chapter to his gorgeous little girl Press Dahl Lamas-Richie.

Without doubt Richie's greatest acheivement to date—daughter Press Dahl Lamas-Richie, born November 11, 2011


Sex, Lies and The Dirty is released on Amazon May 7 — and then available at all good bookstores one week later.

You can download onto Kindle from Friday April 19th at amazon.com.





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