Along with every other girl who watches Sex and the City religiously, I'm a huge SJP fan. Her "Carrie" shoe collection alone made me dream of a day that I could purchase a pair of Louboutins and trot through the city without a care in the world. However, I'm realistic with myself enough to know that wouldn't happen for me. I'd be waaaay too nervous that I would step in something. 

I love her fancy get-ups, but what I'm truly intrigued in is the girl's real New York City outfits—SJP Wear

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If you catch a glance at a pic of the celeb walking her kids to school or out on errands in the big city, she's almost guaranteed to be wearing four things—a beanie, a jacket (that is often too adorable for words), sunglasses and boots.

Some may call it slouchy, but I call it genius. It's the perfect mix of comfort and edginess that I've been trying to experiment with months and months. 

The little details totally make her outfit. The texture of the brown jacket combined with the red leather gloves make her shine amongst the crowds of New Yorkers. It also helps that she is a major celeb, but maybe we should just stick to fashion. 

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Even in the snow, Sarah Jessica Parker can rock ripped jeans. During New York Fashion Week, I was so tempted to sport my distressed pair, but didn't have it in me to deal with the chill of the storm. Apparently, I should have embraced the cold and tried it anyway. 

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This will be living on my inspiration board for winters after winters. She combines pleasing neutrals like grey, brown and army greens to create a low-key, yet high fashion creation. Her NYC wardrobe is also doable on any budget. If you have a pair of flat ankle booties, a pair of skinnies and a interesting jacket, you're really half-way there. 

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As cliché as it my sound, Sarah Jessica Parker will remain on my fashion idols list for years to come.

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