How do we put this gently? Ever since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up a few months ago, Selena's career has been skyrocketing (Spring Breakers, hello) and Justin's, um, has not.

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Here's a little recap of what's been happening with the Biebs in just the past few weeks, and we'll leave it to you to weigh in on if his breakup had something to do with it or not. Or maybe it's just a British thing, because half of the items on this list occured in London and that's just weird? 

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We're laying it all out piece by piece (and tweet by tweet). So read on and then do with this information as you wish…

1. Justin Bieber celebrated his birthday on March 1 but tweeted "Worst birthday" shortly afterwards. The press assumed it was because his underage friend, Jaden Smith, was thrown out of the club, but Bieber shot those rumors to rest. Let's just assume it was the worst since Selena wasn't there, mmkay?

2. After said party, Justin returned to his hotel in London that same night, where he celebrated, looking like this, and press everywhere were calling him a douche. Dude, it's the UK. It's cold. Put on a shirt.

3. Justin was scheduled to play a few shows at London's 02 Arena during his stay, but for one of them, he arrived late to the show and got booed on stage. Hey, those Beliebers have bedtimes, ya know.

4. During a different London show, Justin collapsed on stage and got rushed to the hospital. But don't worry, because he recovered in true Bieber fashion — by posting a shirtless pic of him on Instagram of him in the hospital bed, proving that he was totally ok. 

5. While Justin was being hospitalized, his friend Lil Twist, meanwhile, crashed his $100,000 Fisker Karma while in California and fled the scene. Classy.

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6. After Justin got better, he was back to his tour, but a third show (also in London, natch), wasn't sold out the night of the concert. Keep in mind this is the same kid who sold out Madison Square Garden in 2010.

7. Then, just a few days ago, Justin blew up at a paparazzi who insulted him by telling him to "go back to America." Here's JB's response:

8. Over this past weekend, we heard that Justin's record label told him that he had to stop partying or else. That's a threat!

9. Also, we heard that Justin cancelled a show overseas in Portugal that was rumored to be due to low ticket sales. But then Justin's friend Dan Kanter Instagramed this photo from their Lisbon, Portugal sold-out show, so who knows anymore. Maybe he played two shows there?

10. But we should probably mention that despite the British mania, Justin enjoyed himself, so all is good at the moment. Here's proof in tweet form:

After all is said and done though, we'll be honest — Justin's music is awesome, he's really talented, and, not gonna lie, his six-pack is insane and we think he's hot. But you can't help but wonder why 2013 has been so rough for him, ya know?

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Do you think Justin's turned into a bad boy or is he just going through a rough patch? Do you think if he was still with Selena, she'd set him straight? Let us know if you agree with us (or not!) at @OKMagazine!

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