Looks like justice has been served on the Jersey Shore. The man who punched Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in the face at a Jersey bar has lost his job as a teacher at a New York high school, TMZ reports.
Brad Ferro punched the pint-sized guidette, causing an uproar on the MTV series. The NYC Department of Education told TMZ they are currently drafting Ferro’s termination letter.

Once he receives the letter, he’ll have 30 days to leave the North Queens Community High School.

In a recent interview with OK!, Snooki opened up about one show moment she regrets most, and it wasn’t Ferro’s attack.

“The first night,” she told OK! about her biggest regret on the show thus far. “I don’t like to be black out drunk like that. It’s embarrassing.

As far as what she would like to say to her attacker, “You’re the loser of America! He’ll always be known as the guy who punched a little girl.”

No one puts Snooki in a corner.

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