If there’s anyone that knows about the importance of a support system, it’s a Sochi Winter Olympian. Noelle Pikus-Pace, a skeleton athlete and mother of two, could wholeheartedly voice the vitality of this unit in her life—and in fact, she did! She knows she didn’t get to where she is (which is competing against the best athletes in the world!) by herself.

The gorgeous 31-year-old star recently chatted with Fit Pregnancy about how motherhood has changed her life (and Olympic career!) and even shared her top 3 motivational tips!

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One of Noelle Pikus-Pace’s best tidbits of info? Build a support system. “Everybody needs a good support system. Let other people know that you have a passion, because they may help you to achieve it. It’s thanks to awesome sponsors, neighbors, friends and family that we raised enough money for our family to travel together. Plus, I have an amazing husband who helps out. He even built my sled!”

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Major props to her hubby for building that piece of equipment! Click HERE for more from Noelle!  

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