Sophia Bush has never been shy about speaking out on developing a positive body image and encouraging young women to feel good about themselves (preach, sister!). Now as she portrays a kick-ass cop on NBC’s Chicago PD, she has the ability to empower women on screen each and every week with her strong female character. But the question remains: What are we doing as a society when we’re nitpicking over things things like why Mindy Kaling’s full body wasn’t shown on her Elle cover?

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“I’m sorry, this is a brilliant, creative genius woman and we’re just talking about her body?’ Look at her face. Look at how gorgeous she looks,” Sophia told reporters at NBC’s Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. when asked about the controversy. “If that was a picture of me, I’d want it to be a close-up, too! I laughed because I thought, ‘Her body is all over the inside of the magazine.’ What are we doing? It really reinforces you can’t please everybody and I wish that we took pressure off of size.”

Sophia is incredibly active on social media, always sending positivity out into the world to get women to stop worrying about size and start loving themselves.

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“I wish that an attempt to sell us products to make us want to be thinner in the sixties hadn’t instituted the creation of a size 0,” she says. “Two used to be the bottom. All of the sizes used to be positive numbers and now we’re creating double zeroes and we’re wondering why so many teenage girls have eating disorders and we wonder on the flip side why so many people are struggling with obesity?”

Fortunately Sophia has a solid girl crew to provide her with positive reinforcement, enouraging her to create the smart is sexy hash tag on Twitter. She couldn’t believe how it took off, further proving the point that we’re concentrating on the wrong things.

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“With all of the things going on in the world, the human rights atrocities we should be focusing on, the incredible art being made that can lift us up, we’re still talking about what size jeans everybody fits into? I’m exhausted.”

So are we, Sophia. So are we.

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