Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has removed all of their in-store advertisements featuring Tiger Woods from their Australian branches. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Tag Heuer said Tiger’s latest transgression are unrelated to their reason in taking down the ads. Guess the timing was purely coincidental — just like it was for Gatorade!

Tiger endorses the Tag Heuer’s “Link” range of watches and he was involved in designing the up-scale titanium “Professional Golf” watches, making Tag Heuer one of Tiger’s major sponsors.

Ron Smales, owner of Smales Swiss Watch Centre in the boutique Perth locale of Subiaco, said the company issued his a shop a strict request to take down all advertising containing Tiger’s image.

“We’ve only just put them up,” Ron said. “Why would you take them down and the other ones aren’t ready to go up? There were no reasons, but at the end of the day we know what’s going on in the news.”

Philip Richards, the general manager of Tag Heuer, said the recent events in Tiger’s life had nothing to do with the removal of the posters from up to 100 distributing stores across Australia.

“We change our campaigns probably four or five times per annum,” Richards said.

He added that the “golf focus” of promotions had run its course, since the Australian Open tournament ended Sunday.

Richards also confirmed that Tag Heuer’s sponsorship of Tiger  remained intact.


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