Tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2"For Better or For Worse," was so romantic, guys. Leah and Jeremy got married! Jenelle and Gary got engaged! Which of course means @BabsEvansMTV has a few choice words to say about that. Keep reading to see what she'd say about what went down…

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Chelsea Houska had a rough night. Last week she found out that Adam has a new girlfriend, and this week she (Taylor) and Chelsea sorta kinda almost come face-to-face when Adam drops Aubree off (but according to Laura, Taylor's not cute, don't worry. She was "wearing a headband. And a ponytail.") But what's worse? Now all of a sudden Adam is pretending to be a good dad since he has a lady friend to impress. UUUUUGh.

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@BabsEvansMTV would say: "Taylah better naht think she's gonna be Aubree's new mom! And Adam? He DISGUSTS me! He doesn't DESERVE a dawta like Aubree!"

Kailyn Lowry is moving right along with Javi as if that whole punching incident never happened. Javi tells Kail that he's thinking about enlisting in the military but they need to get married so that Kailyn and Isaac can go with him. The couple plan on getting hitched while on vacation in Las Vegas, but when Javi's test for the military gets postponed, so do the wedding plans. Um, ok.

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@BabsEvansMTV would say: "Are ya KIDDIN' me? Ya think Jo is gonna letcha take Isaac across the COUNTRY? This is gonna be BAHD."

Leah Messer and Jeremy are still determined to get that house, so this week, they head on over to the little white chapel in town and make it official so they can get approved for a loan. Both their families (and both her daughters) showed up and it was pretty much awkward in every way. But whatever. We're sure Leah and Jeremy will warm up to each other by the time the real wedding rolls around in June.

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@BabsEvansMTV would say: "That weddin' was BEAUTIFUL, Leah. I just wantcha to be HAPPY. But you shoulda invited COREY to the weddin' to make it even BETTA!"

Jenelle Evans got engaged to Gary Head! And you know your engagment is off to a great start when the first thing you say after he pops the question is, "Are we going to be happy together?" Jenelle's roommate wasn't too thrilled with the news and Babs kept saying "If you get married" etc etc, so yeah, um, don't buy the champagne just yet…

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@BabsEvansMTV would say: "I love Gary cause he's great with JACE. But ya know what, Jenelle? This isn't gonna lahst. Ya too much of a POT HEAD to have a NAWMAL relationship!"

And don't forget, we'll have a recap of tonight's SECOND episode of Teen Mom 2 going up on the site soon! Were Jenelle and Gary rushing into things? Is Chelsea jealous of Adam's new girlfriend? Tweet us @OKMagazine and tell us your thoughts on our Teen Mom Facebook page!


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