Fantastic news, ladies and fans of The Game. Star Jay Ellis is just as intelligent and charming as his character, Bryce “Blueprint” Westbrook. He chatted with OKMagazine.com about his most insane fan experience, and what’s up next for Blue.

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OK!: How did you get your start in acting?

Jay Ellis: I originally moved out here, and I thought I was going to be the next big thing. I was walking through the streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood thinking somebody was going to point me out and be like, we have a show for you. I was literally that stupid. A good friend, Josh Henderson, was already out here and had his career going, and Josh was dating a girl and they had this really big party. At this party, I’m wasted and I’m telling this amazing story and people are laughing at it, and this agent walks up to me and says, who are you? Are you an actor? And I say, of course I’m an actor!

OK!: What was your big break?

JE: My first job was on The Bold and the Beautiful. Then I got work on a bunch of shows, Grey’s [Anatomy], How I Met Your Mother. I did Movie 43, which came out last year, and The Game was my first series regular. I’ve done a couple of pilots but this was the first thing that had me on TV every week.

OK!: What would your dream next project be?
JE: I would love to do a biopic. I’d love to play Barack Obama one day. Maybe like before he’s president, to see that slice of life between college and becoming a senator in Illinois. I’d love to do something with the Civil Rights Movement. I want to be a superhero, too! I would love putting on some uniform and jumping over stuff, saving people.

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OK!: You were a sports star. How much are you like Bryce?

JE: Our similarities are very few and far between. I played college basketball, and I am almost as stubborn and hard-headed as he is, but he’s a far cooler guy than I am. I’m a little nerdier, introverted than Blue is.

OK!: Where is Bryce this season?

JE: He’s falling in love. And he’s falling hard, and fast. He does not want to be vulnerable. In those moments when he has that vulnerable side that’s exposed and he doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for, you see him completely close up and go into this hurt, selfish, angry, stubborn place. But as he falls for this girl, you see him working through it and grow up.

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OK!: Do you ever miss playing sports, or do you get it all out on the show?

JE: I don’t miss practice! [laughs] Those were long, long tough days. I miss the camaraderie, but I do think I get that from going to work and being in an ensemble cast. We have a team, and we very much feel it. We pass the ball to each other. And I still get to play basketball in the gym, and we’ll play football on the show. So I still get those competitive moments as well.

OK!: Who are you closest with in the cast?

JE: I would say I talk to Coby [Bell], Lauren [London], and Brittany [Daniel] the most, but we’re all close in such different ways.

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OK!: You’re an attractive guy and the show’s been on for a bit. I worry that you have some freaky fans. Have you had any weird fan encounters?

JE: I do have a couple stalkers, which is kinda scary. People showing up at your door is something you can never really be prepared for. They’ll go to my neighbors and ask when I’m going to get home. Other than that, I’ve walked through the streets before and had a girl jump out of her car, run me down on the street, and rip the sleeve off my suit jacket because she was so excited. Which is cool, I’m excited she’s excited, but I didn’t realize she was that strong! What else could she do?!

OK!: If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

JE: I think I would teach. I really love being around kids. Education has had such a huge effect on my life, and my family’s life, and the quality that we have seen as a result of my parents going to college later in life is amazing.

OK!: Where would you like to be in five years?

JE: I would love to do another cool series. I’d love to do a cool, edgy cable series, and explore a completely darker side of a character. Blue has his moments, but he’s still quite light. I would like to explore heavier stuff. And continue to do features in my time off. That’s what is so cool about acting—you get to live a different life every time you show up on set.

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OK!: What TV shows are you watching right now?

JE: Game of Thrones. Every. Single. Sunday. If I miss a Game of Thrones, I’m upset. Very upset, actually. Veep, too, becuase I think that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the most amazing women on the planet. I have a huge talent crush on her. Vikings, as well, I think it’s an amazing show.

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