If one were to do a little digging into Jesse Helt, the homeless, troubled teen who Miley Cyrus took as her date to the VMAs, and whom accepted Miley’s Video of the Year Award on her behalf, one would find that, as Britney Spears once said, Jesse is not. That. Innocent.

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NBC News did such digging and discovered that Jesse has a bit of a criminal past. He’s been charged with misdemeanors such as criminal trespassing and criminal injustice, he’s violated probation and gone to jail and a drug treatment center, and he’s wanted in Oregon. What a resume.

But maybe now that Miley and Jesse are basically BFFs, she’ll be a good influence on him and help him turn his life around? Well, maybe minus the pot thing. Let’s hope Jesse isn’t around when Miley decides to light one up.

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