OK!’s Lindsey Hunter breaks down LOST!  
Lost: "Lost is back! The season four premiere of Lost was one of the most anticipated television events in a long while, and it was worth the wait. In the midst of the entertainment desert that is the writer’s strike, Lost is an oasis. With only eight episodes this season, each one must be cherished. There is a lot to process in this first episode, but before clues were revealed, we are reminded that Charlie died in the season finale. Most Lost fans are not too fond of Dominic Monaghan’s character, but I loved this little heroin-addicted Hobbit, and the adorable family he formed with Claire and baby Aaron.
Once the flash-forwards start, we learn that Hurley gets off the island, along with Kate and Jack. Pursued by cops in a car chase in L.A. he yells, “I’m one of the Ocean Six!” Which other Lostaways left? During an interrogation (by 90210 jock Tony* – he took Brenda to prom!), Hurley denies knowing Ana Lucia on the island, which is very curious. Other glimpses into the future show Hurley in a mental hospital (again?) getting creepy visits from a man who says he’s from Oceanic, and also Charlie (as a ghost?).
Back on the island, the kerfuffle regarding the impending “rescue” is escalating. Captured Other leader Ben is freaking out, and Naomi (the para jumper Locke stabbed) has escaped from the group. Tramping around in the jungle ensues, and Hurley falls behind and gets lost in the dark. Creepy music plays and he stumbles onto … JACOB’S HOUSE! Spooky, scary. The house disappears and reappears! In a quick flash, he sees Jack’s father in a rocking chair in the house. What does that mean? Suddenly Locke appears and tells Hurley that their supposed rescuers are actually dangerous. They set out to convince Jack of this, and there is more jungle madness. Naomi’s crew arrives, but their sinister motives are yet to be revealed. Newcomers Dan, Charlotte, Frank, and Miles fight with Jack & Co. for control, but they are ambushed! The Lostaways are the new Others! Too much excitement for one night. — Lindsey

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