As Tila Tequila continues to grieve the loss of her fiancée, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson in the most public way possible, the reality star, who initially asked for privacy — and has Tweeted at least a dozen times since — has just posted what she claims to be Casey’s “dying wish.”
Linking to a photo of a woman she claims is Jasmine Lennard, a former very close friend of Casey’s who recently accused the heiress of breaking into her home, Tila wrote:
My Wife's dying wish was for me to post this pic & show the w... on Twitpic“My Wife’s dying wish was for me to post this pic & show the world what true Evil looks like. This was her wish…” and to clarify just who is in the pic, she added: “This evil devil named Jasmine Lennard is the one who pressed charges against my beautiful Wife over a pink sweater.” And apparently not satisfied with her description added this unfinished Tweet only seconds later: “She is EVIL. That’s who she is. & my Fiance’s last wishes was for me to post this and show the world the evil tha”

Only weeks before her sudden death on Monday at the age of 30, Casey had been formally charged with breaking into and robbing Jasmine’s home.

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