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More than a month after a deadly car accident, Tracy Morgan is on the mend—and talking to fans! He finally spoke aloud on camera near his home in New Jersey shortly after returning from rehab. He suffered broken ribs, a leg, and nose in the accident that also claimed the life of his friend and fellow passenger James McNair.

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For some time in the aftermath of the terrible accident, it was unclear if Tracy would actually survive. He was in critical condition in the hospital, and his representative would give alarmingly vague updates like “more responsive.” He entered a rehab on June 20, and is now at home. He spoke from the window of his car today to tell fans, “I’m feeling strong. I love you.” Watch here:

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Whew! Tracy has also recently filed suit against Walmart for negligence, as it was their truck driver who crashed into his limo. The driver, Kevin Roper, was apparently fatigued and fell asleep at the wheel, causing the crash.

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