Wanna get to know those two really hot girls on Bravo? Granted almost every Bravolebrity is hot, but Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson of Toned Up make being hot (and healthy, of course) their living. The two best friends and roommates started their own healthy living website, ToneItUp.com, which is a community for women looking to get in shape via nutritious foods and fun exercises. And tomorrow night, the girls’ show wraps with its season 1 finale!

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See what the girls told OK! about their tips for getting fit, what foods they splurge on, and their OCD tendencies. Yup, one of the ladies confessed that she brushes her teeth six times a day!

OK!: How did the show come about? Were you both willing to make your business into a reality show?
Karena Dawn: Our personal lives are just like everyone else’s. We go through our own ups and downs too, but we were both excited to go through with the show. We already share so much of our personal lives and experiences already, it just seemed right to film Toned Up.

OK!: What has the response been? Any feedback on the show from fans or members?
Katrina Hodgson: Tone It Up members love the show and so many more women interested in changing their lifestyles have come forward and joined our community. We love all of our new members. Also, our parents like it! Honestly, the fact that our parents support us and enjoy the show too is the only thing that matters.

OK!: What’s your best advice to sticking to fitness and nutrition goals? How do you stick to your personal goals?
KD: We always encourage women to find something they love and that will help you stick to your personal goals. Try something new regularly, you should always look forward to your workouts. We do all different types of workouts. And nutrition-wise you don’t have to deprive yourself. On the Tone It Up nutrition plan there are so many healthy and good recipes that it is easy to eat healthy.
KH: We definitely find motivation in each other, so encouraging those around us to work out and eat healthy is extremely powerful. If you have a girlfriend, family member or coworker who you enjoy being active with, that helps out tremendously.

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Bravo TV
Bravo TV

OK!: You ladies mostly stick to healthy food, but what’s your favorite guilty pleasure snack? 
KD: Dark chocolate and almonds!
KH: Dark chocolate and wine! They go hand in hand.

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OK!: What is something outrageous or interesting we don’t know about you? 
KD: I brush my teeth at least six times a day. When I’m traveling I usually only bring one mini tube and end up having to borrow Katrina’s tube after the first day. But I bring two tooth brushes, because I knew Katrina will forget hers and threaten to use mine!
KH: I turn on and off lights all the time. When I leave a room and turn off the light it has to turn off right or I will do it again. The click has to be right, it has to shut off right. And also, I love scrunchies and I think they should be more socially acceptable. I still wear them all the time.

OK!: What’s next for the company?
KD and KH: Our main goal is to continue to expand and share the Tone It Up message, to change women’s lives and be in everyone’s living room.  We’re a place where women can come to support each other in their goals and make lasting friendships.  We will also continue to grow our brand and current fitness and nutrition product lines and look forward to new ventures in fashion and beauty.

Watch a preview of the Toned Up season finale here:

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Catch the season finale of Toned Up Thursday, February 6th at 10pm on Bravo! What do you think of the girls’ business and fitness tips? Do you hope they comeback for season two? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

– Reporting by Lacy Looney

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