Tori-Spelling-True-ToriWhen news first broke of Tori Spelling doing an almost real-time docu-series (fancy term for reality TV) about her marital problems and life after husband Dean McDermott’s affair I was a bit dubious. I first considered someone at Lifetime must surely have some crazy dirt on her to make her do this. Then I decided it was a genius plan to publicly tar and feather the man who broke her heart (although I’ve assured my own husband if he ever does the same to me my revenge will be more Lorena Bobbitt style). But after watching the premiere of True Tori, this is clearly a woman who is at a loss for answers and if tabloids are going to poke around her personal life anyway, might as well narrate the story herself.

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It’s heartbreaking to watch this seemingly fragile person try to hold it together while parenting four kids on her own (there’s a scene in the car where youngest daughter Hattie pukes on oldest son Liam’s iPad, naturally he’s only concerned about whether or not it’s broken–#motherhood) and not cry when she finally goes to see Dean at his treatment facility. And as a loyal 90210 fan, Donna Martin must always graduate so I really need to see Tori come out of this okay.

To quickly recap, here are some moments you need to know for next week’s episode:

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• Tori learned about Dean’s affair from her publicist, who had the unfortunate task of letting her know the chick involved was shopping around the story. The actress confronted him moments before heading to Liam and Stella’s Christmas recital, making for one uncomfortable evening.

• Despite his affair, Tori repeatedly refers to Dean as her best friend and the love of her life. She wants to make it work.

• Tori’s girlfriends Kate and Jess basically tell her what the rest of us are thinking—Dean is no bueno, she’s too trusting and she needs to give him the boot.

• While fabric shopping, Tori gets a random text from Dean not meant for her saying, “I can’t even look at (blank) right now.” The person’s name was withheld to protect their privacy but allegedly it was someone else in treatment.

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• When Tori visits Dean at the treatment center for the firs time, the therapist blatantly says Dean has been lying his entire life. Awesome.

• Dean asks Tori if she’s ready to have him back at home but she shoots down the idea and rebuffs any affection from him.

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