Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott can’t settle the age-old debate — Over or Under? While Tori places the toilet paper roll over, Dean sides with team under! Regardless of their stance, the reality star couple loves cuddling up close to the yellow lab puppies with Cottonelle in NYC recently. They opened up to OK! exclusively on their children, Liam, 2,  Stella, 19 months and their latest milestones.

Have the kids chosen sides on the toilet paper debate?
Dean: Not yet. I have to go to work on them.

Tori: But, you know what they like to do? They love to like pull the toilet paper out when you’re going to the bathroom.

Dean: Several times we’ve gone to the bathroom, and there’s a big pile of toilet paper on the floor.

Tori: I think that when it’s under you make too much of a mess because it all comes out.

Dean: When it’s under you can hide it so they can’t find the seam to pull it.

Tori: Yeah, but then you have to look for it, you have to constantly pull and it all comes unraveling and when it’s over it’s just like oh there it is.

Dean: No, see over it’s easier for them to pull down. It is.


Any major milestones with Liam and Stella recently?
Tori: A lot with Stella.

Dean: Well there’s a lot with Liam, too. There’s just something every day. They’re just such bright little kids. It’s amazing. Stella’s vocabulary is off the map.


Tori: She says her ABC’s. She’s 19 months. It’s amazing. But, it’s funny. She’s really tall and she’s so verbal at this point, and I don’t know if this is what happens when people have kids so close in age. I mean they’re 15 months  part, but they’re best friends. They do everything together.

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