Looks like Tiger Woods has at least one fan in his corner — Donald Trump. “Tiger’s a great athlete… one of the greatest athletes in the world,” Trump tells Extra. “He’s had a very interesting and traumatic couple of weeks [but] he’s a wonderful guy.”

“Tiger is going to be hotter than ever before — mark my words,” Donald says.

As of now, 11 women and counting have been linked to the married golfer since his Nov. 27 car crash.

Yesterday, Gatorade dropped Tiger as spokesperson and announced they were discontinuing the “Tiger Focus” sports drink.

From a business standpoint, Donald admits Tiger’s alleged affairs “may affect his endorsements a little bit.” However, the tycoon feels this will all blow over.

“It’s a little bit like Kobe,” he said referring to the L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who was accused of rape by a 20-year-old woman. Kobe’s charges were dropped in 2004.

“No one remembers the Kobe incident. Kobe went out and won a championship. He’s a spectacular guy and a spectacular player,” Donald continued.

Donald faced his own cheating scandal when he left wife Ivana Trump for Marla Maples in 1992 and offered some words of wisdom for the pro golfer.

“I think what’s important for Tiger right now [is to] get back on the course and start winning tournaments, and he’ll do that. He’s just the best golfer,” he said. “He’s a really talented person, and he’s a really good person.”

Donald admitted that Tiger’s life will change but that “he’s going to be just fine.”


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