My TV guilty viewing pleasure this past spring was Grease: You’re the One That I Want, the reality competition series that allowed the viewing audience to pick the leads for a revival of the rock ‘n roll musical on Broadway. The show was cheesy, goofy and a little politically incorrect, and I watched every minute. Chad Doreck was one of the show’s finalists, known to viewers as “Ambitious Danny.”


Indeed so. Chad’s now in New York City, starring as Matthew in Altar Boyz, an off-Broadway musical about a Christian boy band. Being a total musical freak, I had to dial in and get the scoop on his new gig.  “The producers knew who I was from Grease and went and mentioned my name to the Altar Boyz casting directors. A week later, I was in New York,” Chad says. The L.A. native is still getting over the culture shock of living in the Big Apple, but he’s he’s found one thing to love. “Street vendors. Last thing I bought was a falafel. I know, it’s scary.”  


Chad even strolled a few blocks from his own theater to catch his former Grease competitors, winners Maxx Crumm and Laura Onses, in their Broadway debut. “ I went opening night,” says Chad. “I was proud of the work they did.”


Along with his stage gig, Chad pays his new city rent by doing voice-overs for E! Network. “I do their countdown shows, the 101 this or 50 greatest that, 40 weddings and a funeral’,” he laughs. “It’s a great job because each show has so many celebrities attached and the shows repeat so often, any time a celebrity makes a change in his or her life, I have to go back in and rework on that show. It’s sort of the gift that keeps on giving.”    


Sounds like it Chad. Maybe you can pick up my city rent too!


Catch Chad in Altar Boyz at New World Stages in New York City. Call Telecharge at 212-239-6200 for tickets.



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