Usher came out to support his pal Justin Bieber last night in NYC when Justin was honored for his charity work with Pencils of Promise. Usher told OK! last night how proud he was of JB.

“I’m so happy to be here supporting Bieber and Pencils of Promise. Adam Braun is really incredible. I’m really happy to see the beginning of something, the story starts somewhere and the dedication continues to help a lot of people, as well as a big role of an organization and he (Justin) grows as a philanthropist.”

He also answered the big question in the room — how does he feel about Justin and girlfriend Selena Gomez?

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“I think they’re a great couple.” Does he give him any romance tips?

“You know I’m not an expert at it but you know maybe I have a few tips.”

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“You know Justin has it down,” Usher explained.  From the looks of it, he’s definitely making a lot of ladies happy. “

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