Even if he is playing better golf than he ever has before at the Masters, Tiger Woods should’ve known that releasing his new Nike commercial right now was bound to result in more than a few parodies. Who can resist when the original — a black and white shot of a silent Tiger, with his late father’s voice speaking to him — is so prime for spoofing?

As PopEater pointed out yesterday with the first batch of comedic parodies, it seems that anyone and everyone is going to want to take a shot at Tiger with their own commercials.


Here are a few new ones!

Stephen Colbert hits this one out of the park with a series of alternate voiceovers on The Colbert Report:

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Tiger’s Nike Commercial
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Gotta love anything that includes a Ferris Bueller tribute:

Get Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights involved? Why not!

Even Team Edward vs Team Jacob is in on the joke:

Really, what WERE you thinking, Tiger? (Some language NSFW)

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