Whenever I look at photos of Kim Kardashian, Lily Collins or Camilla Belle, with their bold, full brows, I secretly curse my sorority sisters who encouraged me to tweeze the heck out of my own brows back in college. Trying to grow those suckers back in years later has proven to be nearly impossible given my impatient nature. So when I spotted the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth at The Makeup Show LA I made a beeline to the best in the biz for a little advice on how to create a glam brow with my seriously unskilled hands. Fortunately the company's VP Claudia Soare was kind enough to offer some guidance. 

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"Most women are completely over-tweezed," explains Claudia. "They may have some hairs towards the front but at the tail ends nothing is really there, but they want a Kim Kardashian brow. Well, that’s not going to work with just one brow pencil. You need two or three things to set up the look. It’s kind of like creating a whole face. The trend is really going towards a dramatic brow, a bold brow, drawn in brows—looks I would say for the last 10 years haven’t been in style."

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If you want to jump on the dramatic brow train, here's what Claudia suggests you keep in your tool box:

Brow Wiz Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz Pencil, a thin mechanical pencil, is great for creating an outline of the shape. The incredibly fine tip of the pencil makes it easy to create lines that mimic the look of tiny brow hairs. Available in six shades ranging from Ash Blonde to Ebony, there's no reason even an amateur like myself can't recreate the look of a plush brow.


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Brow Powder Duo

If you crave a natural, softer finish, using a Brow Powder to fill in between that outline is a must. This duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills is lightweight with sheer to medium coverage and is formulated to be smudge-proof (so you don't have to worry about your newly-formed brows going in any other direction than the way you've created them. As the name suggests, the duo comes equipped with two shades for blending to ensure each and every user can achieve the perfect hue.


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Tinted Brow Gel

Complete the look with a Tinted Brow Gel on top to help blend the pencil and powder, making it look like it’s all natural and all one color. The five shades of brow gel in the Anastasia Beverly Hills line are all dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic, just like the other items mentioned above. "There you have three items that will help you achieve a brow that is thicker than yours, longer than yours, bolder than yours, more defined—whatever you want," says Claudia.


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When creating the shape of your brows, there are key points to target to achieve the perfect look.

"Everything is really centered around the nose, the central focal point of the face," says Claudia. "So you start right in the middle of the nostril, pointing straight up, that’s where your brows begin. For the highest point of the arch, which is a very common mistake, it’s (the end point from the) tip of the nose to the center of the iris, that’s where your highest point should be. And then, of course, it’s corner of the nose to the (outter) corner of the eye, that’s where your brow should end. If you have a fully arched brow according to these points you will create the three zones, which is kind of like a three on the face. You’ll have the brow bone, you’ll have the cheek bone and you’ll have the jaw line."

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