Kate Middleton is still rocking her perfectly dressed bump, but the world is counting down the days until that due date gets closer. Why? Because it's kind of exciting to imagine what the Royal Baby will look like. Will the baby be born with a gorgeous head of chestnut brown hair, or will the little one be a blondie like its papa?

The kid was blessed with a royal and good-looking gene pool, so the chances of he or she being cute are pretty high. We would personally LOVE to flaunt Kate's long locks. 

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But babies and kids change and sometimes end up looking completely different than what they did when they were young. 

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Don't scratch your heads too long. Take a load off of your imagination and tune into what illustrator Nickolay Lamm came up with in a recent article. With help from a student studying genetics at MIT, Nickolay drew up pictures of what the Royal Baby could possibly look like all-grown-up. Check out the pictures from the post on myvouchercodes.co.uk below! 

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