The Bling Ring is out today! While the new movie looks glamorous in a very Sofia Coppola way, it's quite important to remember that this story started out as a reality show, Pretty Wild on E!.

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In a very lucky bit of television magic, E! filmed one of the girls who participated in the Bling Ring, Alexis Neiers, for a pilot before she was arrested, so they happened to catch all the drama when she was. The show was a fascinating collection of meta commentary on celebrity obsession, as the reality stars became famous themselves.

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In this first one, Alexis' sister and mother react to her arrest.

Alexis and her adotped sister Tess audition to be lingerie models. Alexis has blogged that the two girls are working on their relationship now that they're both sober.

Alexis' case goes to trial after she refuses to plead guilty for "something she didn't do." She eventually pled no contest to felony burglary and spent a month in jail.

Alexis chats with Vanity Fair, which later leads to the most famous moment of the show, when Alexis read the story and flipped out. The story also lead to the book, The Bling Ring.

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Tess and Alexis fight with Alexis' little sister Gabby about planning her 16th birthday party. I mean, Italian food and pole-dancing sound like a great night to me.

And of course, the gold standard. The moment that The Soup replayed once a week in 2010, and which the YouTuber who uploaded it called "the greatest moment in TV history," as Alexis explodes at the Vanity Fair writer.

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