Before there was Emma Watson doing her best flat Los Angeles accent in The Bling Ring, there was the girl she is imitating—the face of the notorious Bling Ring group, Alexis Neiers.

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Between late 2008 and mid 2009, the group of teen burglars hit up the homes of the rich and famous, including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Alexis became the de facto face of the crime because she happened to have been filming a reality show for E! around the time she was arrested. Pretty Wild was a disaster of a show that gave us viral moments like this, as Alexis reacted to a Vanity Fair story had published about her:

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Alexis pled no contest to felony burglary charges and served 30 days in jail in summer 2010—ironically in a cell next to Lindsay Lohan. In December 2010, she was arrested for possession of heroin and was sentenced to a year in rehab.

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But worry not! The story gets way happier from here! Alexis became a certified drug and alcohol abuse counselor and practices in abuse centers in the LA area. Now 21, she is married and just gave birth to a baby girl, Harper.

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Alexis has also not disappeared from view. She tweets at @itsalexisneiers and blogs at Of the upcoming movie, she wrote that she's "optimistic" that Sofia Coppola, someone who Alexis says was also "famous for being famous," will understand her story and have better intentions than most. We'll see!

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