We need to say something—we think the Jonas Brothers might be the celebrities that are the nicest to their fans. The guys have been out and about all week promoting their new single, "Pom Poms," and season 2 of Kevin's show, Married to Jonas, so clearly they've encountered tons of Jonatics along the way. And clearly we are taking note (and being jealous, of course) and sharing the best JoBros fan moments of the week right here!

OK! Exclusive: First Look at Season 2 of Married to Jonas

First, watch this video that Pepperdine University student, Shaina, posted on YouTube, asking Joe Jonas to come with her to her senior formal. Our favorite line on why he should go? "Because you'll party like it's the year 3000." Bringing back the old school JoBros, we likey:

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Now, watch Joe's response to her invite. Just warning you ahead of time, you might scream as you watch Joe lift weights, sit by a fireplace and have his personal saxaphone player help him set the mood for the date, BTW:

And lastly, you gotta look at how amazing Kevin, Joe and Nick were with their biggest fan EVAR, Sara. It's really just Jimmy Fallon dressed up as his "EW" character, but just go with it, mmkay?

What do you think of these hilarious videos? Which Jonas Brother would you ask to your forma? Do you think the Jonas Brothers are the best with their fans? Tweet us @OKMagazine and stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Kevin and Danielle Jonas, coming next week on OKMagazine.com!

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