Have we told you lately that we love boy bands? And thus, we are unofficially making today Boy Band Day on OKMagazine.com, since today two of our favorites, The Jonas Brothers and New Kids on the Block, are releasing new music. We personally think it's just a musical coincidence, but whether it was intentional or not, we're going to have fun with this.

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First, let's give you the scoop on the new music! The JoBros' new single is called "Pom Poms" and after it was supposed to be released today on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the song and video leaked early. Oops. What do you think of the new jam? It's very poppy and reminds us of high school, so we dig it. And we're so glad the boys are back!

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And speaking of being back, NKOTB released a new album today, too! It's called 10 and the first single is called "Remix (I Like The)." Watch the video here and listen to the song below:

Oh, and we should probably also mention that both boy bands are going back on the road this summer. The JoBros announced to Ryan Seacrest this morning that they'll be touring from July to August, and of course, NKOTB will be playing shows with 98 Degrees. Can't. Wait.

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And now for the fun part. Which of these two boy bands is your favorite? Are you a die-hard fan of the New Kids, or are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas more your speed? Vote below, and don't forget to tell us whose new music you're buying today and why in the comments below or on Twitter @OKMagazine!



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