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Project Runway: “Since I made a New Year’s resolution not to buy any new clothes for the next two months, I was psyched to get ideas on unusual materials I could use to make my own designs. PR didn’t disappoint. The designers were instructed to make a dress using materials from the Hershey’s Times Square store (which is literally blocks away from my apartment, and a temptation I force myself to resist every time I pass it). Christian was as annoying as ever, and while I agree with Kevin, who makes sure he announces weekly that he wants to “off Christian,” the precocious designer’s halter dress covered with Reese’s peanut butter cup wrappers was fierce. I also loved Kevin’s sexy dress and bolero combo and Chris’ holographic strapless mini that put him in the top three (nice comeback, Chris!). But the competition was between Rami and Jillian. Jillian was the only contestant smart (stupid?) enough to use edible products for her bustier and fringe skirt combo. (Didn’t she see what happened to Austin Scarlett’s corn husk dress in season one?) She was flipping out cause the Twizzlers weren’t staying put. Luckily, fate was on her side: her model could sew and helped her finish her creation. (And can I just point out that these designers are changing up models just as fast as Paris Hilton changes up boy toys?) Jillian’s came together and was totally hot, wearable and smelled good too, Jillian told us. There was no doubt that Rami’s dress, made from candy wrappers and other materials, was expertly sewn, but I thought it was no match for Jillian’s creativity. The judges though differently, and Rami won the challenge. As for the bad dresses, they were really bad. Knowing the judges were going to say that her design was not wearable, Victorya tried to beat them to the punch by saying she would totally wear her white and silver ruffled mess. It wasn’t as bad as Elisa‘s, whose brown dress with silver sleeves that looked like those popped Jiffy popcorn packs from decades past was a sad, brown little sack. Then there was Sweet P, who hated her original design and tried to whip up a new dress in like 30 minutes. And it showed. Still, Sweet P has proven she has talent in other challenges, where Elisa has always been a bit off the wall and often in the bottom two. She was finally, and rightfully, sent packing.” – TV Fanatic


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