I had what my friend accurately termed a ‘weecation’ Friday when I fled West Hollywood for the more mellow city of Venice where my friend was house/dog sitting. Although I’ve been an LA resident for one year this week, there’s still so much I haven’t done or seen here so Friday was my first trip to the city of Venice (aside from a day feeding kids with David Arquette for Feeding America an the Boys & Girls Club).

My thoughts on Venice: It was fantabulous. I’m not sure I’m laidback (or like driving/commuting enough) to live there yet, but it’s a great place to get away for a weecation. My friend Amber and I walked down the main street and settled on dinner at Axe, one of many adorable restaurants in the small city. Helen Hunt was having a casual dinner with what looked like a date and four other men at the table next to us.

Afterward we had movie night where I became probably one of the few people to see the Simon Baker/Wynona Ryder flick on fate and destiny, “Sex and Death 101” (and I liked it!)

The next day we walked from Venice to Santa Monica and brought the dog – it was proof positive a dog is a magnet for the opposite sex. Thinking about making a habit of dog walking in Venice.

I got back to LA in time to get in a quick hike at Runyon and saw Mr. Big finishing as I was starting. Last night I went to a friend’s birthday at Teddy’s and when I was in conversation with a friend, she stopped mid-sentence to say hi to someone else. The unassuming guy at the club in a baseball hat who my friend stopped our conversation for turned out to be Leonardo DiCaprio.


Today: Sad about lost hour of sleep, but happy about later sunlight hours. Slipped into summer mentality with a workout in the park courtesy of trainer extraordinaire Joshua Love. Josh makes working out like ripping off a bandaid – a mix of 30 intense minutes of strength training, toning and cardio. It’s painful while you’re doing it but right before you cry you can’t do anymore, he tells you you’re done and it leaves a lingering positive after taste like you did something good for yourself today.


Ok, off for what I hope to be a magical evening (or something like that) at The Academy of Magical Arts Awards at Avalon. Sounds a bit Harry Potter, I’m half expecting to walk into the club and it look like the dining hall at Hogwarts. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting (I don’t get the correlation either). Jeff Probst is on the list of attending. I’m going with my friend Corinne who was on Survivor last season. Should be an interesting evening 😉 xo

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