You can’t win them all, but apparently, you can still charge millions for acting in them. To state the obvious, actors take home large (make that ginormous) paychecks that when broken down, could contain the yearly salaries of several working people. But sometimes, the movie’s box office performance doesn’t quite match the sum that the actors take home. And that’s sort of how Forbes figured out who landed on the Most Overpaid Actors list.


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Wanna know who is number one in this category? You might not believe it, but comedian Adam Sandler (yes, the guy from Big Daddy) is considered the most overpaid actor in 2013. Apparently, Forbes reports that Adam Sandler can take home a $15 million per movie, even if the movie does poorly. Why? Because he has had major success in the past! Sadly, that really hasn’t been the case with his past few movies. Forbes reports that Jack & Jill and That’s My Boy were huge flops and that Adam only brings back $3.40 for every $1 paid in.


Katherine Heigl ranked second on the list, considering her last few films didn’t do so well, that makes sense.

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