After more than 20 years together, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have put a damper on everyone’s happy holidays by revealing that they have chosen to go their separate ways — and that they’ve actually been apart for several months.

“Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins have announced that they separated over the summer,” a rep for Susan said in a statement about the split. “No further comments will be made.”

The pair, who never married in all their years together, first met while shooting the Kevin Costner baseball classic Bull Durham. Much was made of their age difference at the time (he was in his late 20s; she in her early 40s), but they quickly grew to become one of Hollywood’s seemingly golden couples, always supporting each other publicly.

Susan and Tim are parents of two sons, Jack Henry, 20, and Miles Guthrie, 17. Additionally, Tim helped to raise Susan’s daughter, 24-year-old Californication star Eva Amurri, whose biological father is Italian film director Franco Amurri.

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