When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we just ask, “What Would the Countess Do?” This week, the Countess takes on stars who love the limelight and summer beach tips!

Kim Kardashian is at the center of a media firestorm lately — from attending celebrity weddings, to supporting Lindsay Lohan to getting caught up in Justin “Bieber” Fever, the reality star knows how to work the press. When is enough, enough?
Some reality stars (I’m not going to mention any names) tend to over-promote themselves and hurt their image in the process. It is not reality TV or the press that is the problem here; it is the behavior of people who will do anything in the quest for celebrity while compromising their integrity. Celebrity based on outrageous behavior is fleeting, while a person’s recognition for good character is enduring. I personally draw the line with the press when it comes to the privacy of my children.

Tip: Remember that not all press is good press.


Now that it’s summer and we’re hitting the beach, could you give some tips on beach etiquette and making the most of our beach days?
I love going to the beach and just returned from France where I visited the Côte d’Azur. Here are some tips to make the most of your next beach day:

Know your beach before you go. Some beaches are conservative, for singles, family-oriented, clothes optional or nudist. Choose your beach wisely so you don’t encounter any surprises, pleasant or otherwise.
Wear a cover-up over your bathing suit until you are actually on the sand. Choose a suit that flatters your body and that goes with the vibe of the beach. What goes in Brazil may not be appropriate for Connecticut and may even get you arrested.
I believe in the five-foot rule when setting up your place on the beach. Make sure that there are at least five feet between your stuff and your neighbor’s. Try not to block other people’s view of the water and remember to set up in back of the high tide mark so you don’t awake to a soaked towel and your cooler floating away.
Leave only your footprints behind.

Tip: Unless you are 20 or Kim Kardashian, wear your cover-up to go to the beach bar.


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