The Lying Game's Allie Gonino always looks glowing and fresh-faced, so I wanted to get a peek inside her beauty bag to find out what tricks the actress has up her sleeve. Fortunately she was happy to oblige m nosiness. Take a peek at Allie's go-to products below and read why she loves 'em all so much!

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OK!: You have lots of great stuff here, what's your top priority for your beauty regiment?

Allie Gonino: I have to start up with my most important product which is my moisturizer. I like to use V Beaute. It’s made in Switzerland and the one I like to use is called Buying Time which is an everyday moisturizer. The thing that drew me to it is that it’s gluten-free and I live pretty much gluten-free.

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OK!: Tell me about that Better Botanicals bottle—what is it?

AG: Sometimes I like to use body oil on my face and on my arms to hydrate. It’s filled with sesame seeds and sweet almonds—it’s a bunch of natural oils. I actually have the opposite of oily skin so I hydrate my face and my body using this ayurvedic body oil you can get at Whole Foods. It detoxifies you. The one I like is Better Botanicals Ayurvedic Hydrating Body Oil. My mom actually got it for me because I used to have really dry arms and it has really helped. Everything about it gives you this really sexy glow. I feel like a Baywatch character when I put it on. And it smells amazing. It’s just really healing.

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OK!: Sounds awesome! How about makeup—any faves?

AG: The foundation I like to use is by Valerie of Beverly Hills. She’s been doing my eyebrows for a really long time. She does a great job. I never like to get my eyebrows done too thin and she always makes them look very thick and sexy. A couple other products I like from her line are the Brow Tamer, because my brows get pretty out of whack. I’m Italian so I have crazy hair. And then her Happy Endings Mascara is really great, too. My favorite product I like to use any time if I don’t want to wear makeup but I want to look like I have some sort of a glow is Laura Mercier’s Stardust Powder. It’s a loose powder and it has a little bit of glitter in it but it doesn’t have much color to it. It gives you a shimmer and makes you look like an angel.

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OK!: You have me convinced—I need to pick up some of that! Do you like lip color?

AG: I don’t use many colors. I really like to stick to simple Aquaphor on my lips. It keeps them hydrated. I find that using lipstick and lip glosses dry out my lips. I already have a nice color to my own natural lips. Those are pretty much my basics. The Clarisonic Mia is a staple item, too. It’s wonderful to take off makeup. I use that every single night so that I have beautiful, glowing skin!

OK!: Thanks so much, Allie!

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