October 21
Today’s celeb birthdays
1942: Judge Judy Sheindlin (68)
1956: Carrie Fisher (54)
1980: Kim Kardashian (30)

Relax, Libra. No-one’s ever at their best when they’re up tight and the situation you find yourself in around midday needs you to be more tolerant of others. Health? Get physical if you want to get fitter and feel better. Exercise will do wonders for your love life, too! Call me to hear when you must mind your step.

It’s irritating trying to convince people when they simply refuse to see things your way. But putting your foot down will only lead to a stalemate. Take a rain check. Where business affairs are concerned, a moneymaking opportunity comes up and it’s just the incentive you need. Call me to hear when to follow through an amazing inspiration.

It’s hard work to make all the arrangements come together today. You may be feeling tired or your instincts may not be quite as sound as usual. Nevertheless, matters improve later on and you’ll eventually be pleased with the results. Friends, however, are stimulating and love continues to tingle. Call me to hear when someone is likely to scupper your plans.

In terms of your work, your prospects are promising. Your confidence and enthusiasm gain merit and you seem to be getting favorable attention from the powers-that-be. But keep an eye on colleagues today. Someone’s erratic behavior may block your path. Stand firm. Call me to hear about an unexpected career development.

Did you wake up feeling fabulously liberated, Cancer? Keep that precious feeling close to your heart all day today even when you meet the occasional obstacle in your path. Tell yourself that when the dust settles all the hassles will have been worthwhile. Call me to hear when a trip comes up unexpectedly.

This morning’s delays dog your steps and hamper your plans. It’s frustrating but don’t let it get you down. Aim instead towards the better things to come. A family matter, a home deal or a job offer could lead to much bigger things. Call me to hear about a sudden financial gain.

While it’s true that you’re financially more flush these days, it doesn’t mean you can afford to go throwing your cash about. Joint concerns, money and personal issues are at stake. Emotionally, the picture is pleasing. Supportive partners are eager to show how much they care. Call me to hear when partners have a surprise up their sleeve.

There’s hope and pride in your stars today, Scorpio, as lucky Jupiter pulls something magical out of the hat. Whether it’s going over your work, taking a fresh look at your lifestyle or re-evaluating your health, it’s by going backwards that gives you the insights to move on. Call me to hear when surprising developments are in store.

Start making plans, Sagittarius. Allow today’s stars to help you kick-start a whole new period. But remember that progress is rarely linear and you must be prepared to go with the stops and starts. Someone needs support and sympathy. Be on hand mid-afternoon. Call me to hear when to be cautious with electrical gadgets.

Your home is the scene of frenzied activity – or rather it should be! The problem is you’ve encountered delays, official blocks or other distractions that are frustrating your progress. Socially, though, it’s a livelier day and a heart-warming friendship blooms and pros
pers. Call me to hear when to be alert to someone’s erratic behavior.

Today’s stars focus on work and money. Events will give you a foretaste of how you can improve your financial future. Traveling? chances are you’ll hit some snags. It’s always the little things that trip us up, so make sure today that you’ve covered every eventuality. Call me to hear when to be extra careful shopping online.

It’s always disappointing to set your heart on something and then find the finances just won’t stretch, but that’s how it looks at the moment. Be sensible and don’t take risks with credit. Put that long-distance call in today, then follow your heart. Call me to hear when a certain person’s actions take you by surprise.

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