There's a lot we have to learn about British crooner Olly Murs, who is making his mark Stateside with the ultra catchy track
"Troublemaker." Olly, who scored his big break on the UK's X Factor in 2009 as the runner-up in the reality competition's sixth season, recently told OK! he used to play football (that's soccer to you and me) with another Brit who has become popular here in the US.

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"I played football with (Homeland star) Damian Lewis in the UK and I got to know him really, really well," says Olly. "And then he did Homeland and I heard about it and I was like, oh my God, how incredible is he doing an American accent?"

The singer, who turns 29 on May 14, says he'd be game for a role on the hit Showtime series if the opportunity every presented itself.

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"Yeah, I’d love to do it," says Olly. "I could be the English guy who comes into the CIA. I could just be given the job as an English guy so I don’t have to worry about doing an (American) accent. That would be great."

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He'd also consider giving Dancing with the Stars a try, but only in the States. Here's why:

"I’ve got some moves," laughs Olly. "I can dance! I mean, I don’t know, if it was ever offered to me you’d definitely consider it, especially here in the States. In the UK, because I’m from the X Factor and X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (the Brit version of DWTS) battle against each other on weekends at the same time. In the UK that would bit of a controversial move but here in the States I supposed if it was offered to me then who knows. But I’ve got some good moves!"

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