Big Love star Chloe Sevigny was supposed to host the 9th anniversary party for Nylon magazine on Wednesday night, but the actress never showed. Instead, her brother Paul cut into a cake decorated with his sister’s likeness, and fed it to fellow partygoers, model Jessica Stam and Nick Cannon. The reason for her absence? One of those pesky viral infections. Sevigny’s rep said, “She felt lightheaded and sick” on the way to the party and collapsed. “She went to the doctor on Thursday morning and found out it was a viral infection, probably due to something she ate.”

It’s prison love! Rapper Remy Ma plans on marrying her fiancé, fellow rapper Papoose, while she awaits sentencing related to a 2007 shooting incident. Ma was convicted last month of assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion in the July 2007 shooting after a party at a Manhattan nightclub. She faces up to 25 years in prison.

Scott Storch, friend of Brandon Davis, and all around classy guy, got rejected from the Mansion in Miami last weekend. The guy behind some of Britney Spears’ newest tracks was denied entry to the club, and tried to go around back to get in. Eventually, Storch made it in, and claimed his door denial was because the club was crowded and “they were having noise ordinance issues.” Riiiight.

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